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Qureator Inc’s

Qureator Inc’s Microphysiological Systems (MPS) known as Curiochips, are designed for recapitulating the complexity of tissue microenvironments, thus providing ideal microscale 3D cell culture conditions for a variety of applications in biomedical research.


A.R.C.H. Principle

Our Curiochips are designed on the “ARCH” principle— Adoptability, Reproducibility, Customizability, and High-Throughput.


Qureator’s Curiochips microfluidic technology allows for:

Investigation of underlying biology of disease
Target validation in 3D co-culture conditions
Establishment of disease models
composed of patient-derived samples
Large-scale drug screening for a new
therapy or combo agents with existing drugs
Prediction of clinical responses
and patient stratification
Identification of biomarkers for monitoring
drug’s efficacy in future clinical studies



tumor microenvironment Cancer Spheroid
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Vascular Biology

vasculogenesis Angiogenesis
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blood-brain-barrier Migration of astrocytes to the vascular network
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skin on a chip Dermal Angiogenesis
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Developing Robust
Physiologically Relevant
Disease Models
for High-throughput
Drug Discovery

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